These fridge magnets are intended to be put on the fridges of every household to spread the message to prevent children being cut off from one parent and the rest of their family by divorce.

This postcard sized magnet gives:

-a graphical image, to make it easy to appreciate how many children are cut off from one parent after divorce;

-brief pointers on how to defend against the problem;

-the web address to get more information for the problem;

The magnet is meant to help separating and separated parents and teenage children.

The magnets are sold in pairs for two reasons:

-a separated parent can use one on their own fridge and one can go on the fridge of the other parent;

-keep two on your fridge, so when someone comments on it you can give it to them.

These magnets are the only known product produced for the mass market to get a brief and important message close to where parents and children will see it every day to on how to defend children against one parent cutting them off from the other parent and that side of the family after divorce.

The price of $ 5 includes postage to anywhere in Australia. Please allow 2 weeks handling and postage.

If you are concerned about Child Psychological Abuse and cannot afford to buy these fridge magnets feel free to print out several copies of these from this website and put them on the fridge of every house you know that has children of separated parents.

NB Please understand that we are a volunteer group and if we get swamped with orders there may be additional delays.

NBB Bulk Order requests are welcome.

Please free to download and share our free brochure.